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Welcome to my website, and thank you for visiting. I am a litigation lawyer with over 20 years experience. Below I summarize my areas of practice.

Commercial and Civil Litigation

I regularly represent businesses and individuals in litigation involving claims in contract, trust, negligence, insurance and more. I sue people for clients, and I defend clients when they get sued.

I help clients enforce real estate purchase-and-sale agreements, other contracts, insurance claims and the like.

Estates Law

I help beneficiaries and trustees in estate administrations and inheritance disputes.

I help clients obtain court orders compelling trustees to pass their accounts, and I have successfully defended trustees opposing such applications.

I represent clients in will challenges based on lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence, dementia, delusions, and for public policy reasons.  I work with estates large and small, including one involving multiple wills being challenged and assets of over $20 million, and another worth a modest $60,000, where I defended the sole beneficiary against a disinherited relative’s will challenge. 

I prove lost wills, and I obtain court interpretations of ambiguous will clauses.

I help people applying to be guardians of property and person for their vulnerable loved ones. I also help people who are opposing such applications, because they believe the person applying is unfit to serve in that role.

I do more estates law work than I can list here. Do not hesitate to ask me if I can help with yours.

Consulting and Advocacy

In addition to providing litigation services, I offer consulting services and advise clients, including a registered charity and a local private school, about legal matters involving rights and obligations.

I have consulted on a client’s adaptive procedures during the COVID pandemic. I consult on the preparation of indemnity waivers, harassment policies, and employee codes of conduct.

I save clients from litigation by negotiating settlements with their suppliers, competitors, landlords, and tenants.

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Commercial and Civil Law


Estates Law


Consulting Services


Choose me for quality litigation & advocacy services.

That is what I’m offering. That is why “Quality Litigation & Advocacy Services” is my business tagline!  I like doing a great job, and delivering quality work-product and service.

I worked with an insurance defence team in London, before moving on to be senior litigation associate of McCarthy Tetrault’s litigation group in Calgary. You do not always need to pay big firm rates to get a lawyer with big firm acumen.

You can read more about my personal background here, and more about my legal background here.

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Every case that comes to me is different, so it is hard to predict how things will go without more information. That said, most of my new matters progress as follows.

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