Quality Litigation & Advocacy

Are you a business owner involved in a commercial, contractual or shareholder dispute? Are you trying to collect an unpaid commercial debt.

Have you been personally named as a defendant in a lawsuit, or are you considering bringing a lawsuit against another individual or business?

Do you require a lawyer or professional advocate to represent you and your interests in a contentious matter?

The Law Office of David P. Gould provides top notch litigation and advocacy skills to clients seeking premium service and representation for their interests.

Our approach is straightforward.

  • An initial meeting, gathering information about the dispute, identifying the legal issues involved, understanding the outcome you're looking for;
  • Then some planning, devising a plan of action to achieve the desired outcome, adapting it as necessary to the shifting landscape of the dispute, recognizing and anticipating the fleeting opportununities and vulnerabilities that arise;
  • And then owning the problem for you, well as much as possible anyway. A legal dispute can be very stressful, especially for those new to the process. Even seasoned litigants can find the experience a major distraction from personal life and business. When you retain me, your problems are my business. You can rest easier knowing that the matter is being handled professionally and in accordance with your instructions, and last;
  • Efficient execution, with the right strategy and well-timed action, settling disputes where possible, and speedily advancing towards trial in cases where a court order or other pronouncement is required.

Would you like a consultation?

Please contact us by telephone at (343) 884-8501, or by email at dpg@dpglawyer.com to arrange a meeting.